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About Insurance Calls

Reputable companies that adhere to UK laws (GDPR) should only call you if you’ve given consent for them to offer you services.


About Silent Calls

Do you pick up the phone and it seems that no-one is there? Silent calls are often made by robots or automated computers rather than real people.


About PPI Calls

Today in the UK receive these ‘Payment Protection Insurance’ calls in regard to a possible repayment. Some are genuine but many are fraudulent.


About Automated Calls

Automated calls are some of the most frustrating to receive. They can vary from well-known companies seeking feedback to unlawful sales calls.

Report Insurance Calls

Always be on guard when talking to an insurance company over the phone, if in doubt simply contact us.


Report Silent Calls

Receiving a silent call can be very unsettling. We always say that if you do receive a silent call to report it straight to us.


Report PPI Calls

We are on hand to assist with any queries about a PPI caller. Contact us if you think that you have been mis-sold PPI and we’ll try to help.


Report Automated Calls

If you are experiencing a high volume of automated calls please let us know and we may carry out an investigation into the caller.



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