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About Insurance Calls

What is an insurance call? And why you would be contacted by an insurance company?

A large amount of nuisance calls reported in the UK are from insurance companies trying to sell different types of cover to UK residents.

Insurance is a must-have for many people including life insurance, home insurance, private medical insurance and more. These are just a few of the types of insurance that companies will try to sell over the phone by making cold calls to your home telephone.

Reputable companies that adhere to UK laws and regulations such as GDPR should only call you if you have given consent and permission for them to offer you such services.

We advise to always be on guard when talking to an insurance company over the phone, if in doubt simply contact us so we can get to work and gather as much information on the insurance company that has contacted to you, this way you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to do business with the company in question.

We are here to assist you, so please either report the insurance call you received or contact us on our customer service number.

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