Who we are

We are Residential Telecommunication 

Registered Office address:   

The Coach house

2 Upper York St




What we do and how it works

The purpose of this website is to allow members of the public look up and also augment (add-to) a phone number database. 


These phone numbers must be unwanted calls from businesses of some description – from sole traders to companies


The look-up service will then allow users to see which numbers have been flagged up by other user as nuisance calls. The ‘Comments’ field will allow website visitors to both see information about these numbers, and to add further information or clarification


The look-up service then is not purely about nuisance calls – but may be genuine calls from genuine businesses – you will know which is which from the comments field


The overall objective then is to highlight confirmed nuisance calls, and highlight calls from numbers you need not worry is a nuisance call. Some people consider all marketing calls as nuisance calls, others differentiate between at least a genuine caller, versus scams or the like


The further layer of value which we add is – actively investigating numbers submitted, and showing our findings when a look-up is conducted. This has the effect of making our information for accurate and meaningful for all users


What is free

The website and above-described service is completely free to use – there is no charge at any point


What can be paid for

There are two related services which we can provide user – on a separate paid basis.


i) ‘Action’ – where we actively investigate a number you wish for us to investigate, with the objective of causing them never to call you again. This service carries its own terms and conditions, available upon further enquiry


ii) ‘Block’ – we provide you with a device (‘CPR Shield’) the objective of which is to allow you to prevent any undesired callers (numbers) from being able to call you again


GDPR & your privacy (Data Processor, Third Parties)

Under the GDPR Regulations we are a Data Processor


All of your data will be treated and handled according to the concomitant principles and rules


You can request sight of our GDPR policy at any time


We do not supply your data to any third parties


Google Analytics – We use Google Analytics to understand how visitors engage with our website. The data is anonymised and does not identify individual visitors. Google Analytics helps us to improve the visitor experience by understanding factors about our website such as how many times each page is visited, how often and for how long unique users visit the website and what keywords users search for to find our website. None of this information can identify you personally. You can choose to decline Google Analytics cookies and you can also install the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on in your browser, which prevents Google Analytics from collecting information about your website visits:


Legal/contractual relationship

The use of this website does not create any kind of contractual relationship in any direction between us and you the website visitor


The information you submit to the website

The information you submit to the website (i.e. phone number(s) and comments) must not:


  • be in breach of anyone’s intellectual property rights
  • be proprietary or confidential
  • be defamatory or designed to harm another business or individual
  • represent a breach of UK laws in its transmission/dissemination


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless, from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, arising from or related to your use or misuse of the website, including, without limitation, your violation of these Terms and Conditions, the infringement by you, of any intellectual property right or other right of any person or entity.



If you become privy to information which represents an infringement, or come to know or believe that any of these terms and conditions have or may well have been infringed by any party, then you must inform us of this and furnish us with appropriate details



These Terms and Conditions of use are effective until terminated by either party. If you no longer agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you must cease use of the website. If you are dissatisfied with the website, its content, or any of these terms, conditions, and policies, your sole legal remedy is to discontinue using the website. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your access to and use of the Website, or parts of the Website, without notice, if we believe, in our sole discretion, that such use (i) is in violation of any applicable law; (ii) is harmful to our interests or the interests, including intellectual property or other rights, of another person or entity; or (iii) where we have reason to believe that you are in violation of these Terms and Conditions of use.