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About Silent Calls

Establish exactly what a silent call is, and why you would be contacted by a silent caller.

Silent calls can be identified as those where you pick up the phone and it seems that no-one is there.

Silent calls are often made by robots or automated computers rather than real people.

Receiving a silent call can be very unsettling and can even leave you feeling unsafe in your own home.

We always say that if you do receive a silent call to report it straight to us. If you are able to collect any information on the caller, such as a number or company name, this is helpful to us.

Always call us if you are unsure of a call you have received at home or feel unnerved by a telephone call on your landline.

Companies often collect your personal information through forms or surveys filled out online, when they receive this information they then sell it to data companies throughout the UK.

These data companies then pass your information onto sales companies that use automated services that result in silent calls.

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