What does Residential Telecommunications do?

With thousands of nuisance calls taking place across the UK every single day, it’s no wonder that people are becoming more and more frustrated with their landlines and even fearful of their home telephone ringing.


From cold marketing calls, to robotic sales calls that come from foreign countries, to illegal rogue traders and even calls where you pick the phone up and there is nobody there. People in the UK are losing faith in their telephone landlines.


That’s where we come in. With a wealth of knowledge in the telecommunications industry, Residential Telecommunication is here to help bring the peace back to your landline.

We will help stop cold callers, sales bots and rogue traders from calling by investigating these calls that are coming through to you. Once we track down the callers, we will order them to remove your information from their systems and to never pester you again.

We contact the huge data companies that often hold your personal information and ask them to remove it from their systems. This alone can help prevent future nuisance calls by ensuring that your personal information does not get passed to the companies that are constantly calling you.

The telephone ringing should be a pleasant experience, speaking to a loved one or to a company that you already work with is the main reason the phone should ring. Our mission is to give you your privacy and peace back on your telephone landline.



What our customers say...

James McDean

I purchased a CPR Shield from Residential Electronics and nearly all of my nuisance calls have now stopped. Taking out this service has definitely helped me become more stress-free. I would highly recommend Residential Electronics to anyone who is having issues with nuisance callers.

James McDean