Are 0203 numbers free on EE

EE, a subsidy of B.T. Group, is the largest mobile network operator in the U.K., with more than 29.2 million customers as of May 2020. The company, until its rebranding in 2012, was called “Everything Everything” and was bought by the B.T. group from Deutsche Telekom and Orange S.A. (Formerly France Télékom). The mobile network operator has 2G, 3G, and 4G capabilities covering up to 99% of the U.K. while it plans on introduce 5G in the U.K. soon. Apart from the mobile web, the company provides Mobile Payment service, Smart Number Technology, H.D. voice calling, Broadband, and Television using Apple T.V. Box. The network also gives you the capability to call or text over Wi-Fi.

Every month some of us get shockingly high phone bills. Want to make sure you never call a number thinking it is free and then receive a large bill later?

In this guide, we will tell you about the 0203 numbers, and if they are free to call on EE.

Are 0203 numbers free on EE

Are 0203 numbers free on EE

What are 0203 numbers?

During the 1990s and 2000, inner and outer London had different area codes, but since then, a single area code “020” has been finalised for the whole of the London area. Thus, their technically is no such thing as a “0203” number defining an area. Interestingly, this means that your “0203” number stands for the same thing as any popularly known “0207” or “0208” London Number.

With this said, this also means that the proper way to write your London Number is “020 a gap and then rest of the number in the usual format,” i.e., 020-XXXX-XXXX. Thus, the idea of a specialised 0203 number stems from the fact that it is easier to say 0203 number than say “a London number beginning with 3”. Finally, it is to be noted that a number beginning with “020 3” can be taken by households and businesses both.

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Are 0203 numbers free on EE?

While, generally, “0203” numbers are not free to call on any U.K. Network, it is possible to make a free phone call to someone’s “020 3” number if you have spare free minutes in your bundle or contract on your EE device. The best way to check is to see if you have a lot of free minutes on your number, but they are not being used up even when you call a “020 3” number as it would mean that the spare free minutes are being used up for that call. Remember, if that is not the case, your call will be charged at a standard rate or from your usual free minutes on your contract/ bundle.

If you are interested in finding out about other numbers such as “0300” and “0345”, and their charges, you can check to see if these numbers are free on your EE network here.

What numbers are indeed free on EE?

On EE, though not “0203” numbers, but other specific numbers are free to call – These are freephone numbers. Freephone numbers include emergency numbers, i.e., 999 and classic freephone numbers, e.g., 0800 and 0808. It is genuinely free to call on these numbers from EE, as it does not cost any money or free minutes to call them.

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