Are 0300 numbers free on EE mobile contracts

EE, the largest mobile network operator in the UK, is owned by BT Group. The company was known as “Everything Everything” until 2012 and was bought by the BT group in 2015. The mobile network operator’s 2G, 3G, and 4G are available in almost 99% of the UK, while the company is planning to introduce 5G in most areas soon. Apart from the mobile web, the company also provides Mobile Payment service, Smart Number Technology, HD voice calling, Broadband, and Television using Apple TV Box. The network also gives you the capability to call or text over Wi-Fi.

Are 0300 numbers free on EE mobile contracts

Are 0300 numbers free on EE mobile contracts – Credit: erikreis

What are EE mobile contracts?

EE, like many others, also lets your buy mobiles on contract. Getting a phone like this is one of the most popular and easiest ways to get a premium device without paying a high price at once. The process, in a way, gets you a free phone as you choose a package for your minutes, data and texts and only pay for it. Under the contract, you must pay a fixed fee for a certain number of months (mostly 12 or 24) and get your chosen packages each month. Although, even if you run out of minutes or data, you are charged the standard fee from that point on.

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What are 0300 numbers?

Are you familiar with “01” or “02” numbers? If yes, then look no further as numbers starting with “03” are no different from any landline number in the way that networks charge them. The only difference is that the “03” prefix is mostly used by government bodies, the public sector, charities, and not-for-profit organisations. The prefix is not related to any geographical location, it is just another landline prefix and so 0300 acts as the area code for the complete number.

Are 0300 numbers free on EE mobile contracts?

EE issued a statement declaring that all 0300 numbers will be treated the same way as any geographical telephone number is processed. Thus, if your contract allows free calls to 01 or 02 numbers then calls to 03 numbers will also be free of charge. Generally, on a deal, you would not be charged any extra amount for calling such numbers if you have the free minutes in your package plan. The same goes for EE Pay as You Go calls. Finally, all 03 numbers are treated the same way, despite the digits following 03, e.g., 0301 or 0302.

Though 0300 numbers are free to call, on EE, depending on your package plan, it is entirely free to call specific numbers on EE. These are called freephone numbers and include emergency numbers, i.e., 999 and the classic freephone numbers, e.g., 0800 and 0808. It is completely free to call these numbers from EE, as no minutes are deducted to charges charged for calling them. For information on other numbers such as 0203 and 0345, you can ahead over to our guides here