EE voicemail number not recognised

As of May 2020, EE has become the largest mobile network operator in the UK The company, until 2012, was called “Everything Everything,” and in 2015 was bought by the BT group. The network provider’s 2G, 3G, and 4G capabilities together are available in almost 99% of the UK, and EE has the fastest expanding 5G network.

When using your mobile phone you may find that your EE voicemail number is not recognised, heres a simple guide on how to fix this issue.

EE voicemail number not recognised

EE voicemail number not recognised – Credit: Prostock-studio

What is voicemail, and does EE offer it?

Surprisingly, voicemail is what you get from a crossover of email and an old answering machine. Using VoIP, almost all networks in the UK allow your callers to leave a voice message for you if you do not take their call. You can listen to these mails anytime using a conventional ‘call on the company’s voicemail number’ approach or a voicemail app method called visual voicemail. Since these are some of the essential services managed by networks in the UK, EE certainly provides both voicemail and visual voicemail services.

Check to see if 0345 numbers are included with an EE plan

Why is my EE voicemail not working?

Voicemail, like any other mail, can run into problems time and again. The problems range from a simple caller not getting the option to leave a voicemail, mails vanishing, and voicemails appearing but not playing or stopping suddenly.

These issues can stem from several problems, where low network signals top the chart. Further issues like a buggy software update, or server issue from EE can also cause the problem.

How to fix when EE voicemail number not recognised

If your caller does not get an option to leave a voicemail, SMS on 150 saying “VM ON” to activate your voicemail. You may find that it is active, try deactivating and activating it again after an hour.

If this does not resolve the problem, try the following steps until the issue is resolved:

  1. Change your Greeting from its current setting to another option in your voicemail app.
  2. If you cannot see your mails, try force closing and the opening your voicemail app again.
  3. Try updating your voicemail password.
  4. Check your phone for system updates and install them if any show up as this is one of the most widely known solutions to voicemail problems.
  5. Try setting your phone in airplane mode for a minute and then turn airplane mode off. This should solve your problem as the phone will reconnect to the network.
  6. Try changing your network mode to 3G as coverage is better in most areas, and sometimes that will solve the problem.
  7. Check if you have received a carrier settings update and install those.
  8. Go to settings and reset network settings.
  9. If the issue is with visual voicemails, try calling voicemail directly by long-pressing 1 in your phone’s dial pad.
  10. If none of the above things work, it is a good idea to restart your device and check if the problem resolves.

Before carrying out the above steps, do check if the network is available in your area, and your phone does not say “No Service” or “Sim not available”. If one of those errors exists, try removing and reinserting the sim. Also, try turning off your mobile data for a few minutes or connect to a robust Wi-Fi network.

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