Are 0345 numbers included in EE mobile plans

Bought by the BT group in 2015, the company was known as “Everything Everything” until 2012, has been voted UK’s Number 1 for six years in a row at Mobile Choice Awards and is rebranded to EE now. The network has the single most extensive 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network in the UK, apart from the mobile web. The company also provides Mobile Payment service, Smart Number Technology, HD voice calling, Broadband, Television, and Text n Call capabilities via Wi-Fi.

What are Mobile Plans?

With time, one of the primary services that network providers are offering is a mobile plan. Various plans exist in the market, and these can be divided into further categories. The major types that we classify as mobile plans are prepaid and post-paid.

You can choose between a prepaid and post-paid plan when you want only a sim card from a network provider. However, a package plan for a phone on a contract can only be post-paid.

These plans are famous for providing unlimited free minutes and SMS, while data usage is usually limited, and so plan choice for most customers is based on that.

Finally, like all these other network providers, EE also provides its customers with various Mobile Plans, and it is free to call certain numbers under these plans.

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What are the 0345 numbers?

What matters here are not the first four but only the first two digits. The first two digits being ’03’ tell us a whole lot about the number. If you want to see the details about the ‘0300’ number, head over to this guide here

Check if 0300 numbers are free on EE mobile contracts

If we look at only 0345 numbers precisely, the 4-digit prefix is perhaps the most popular in the 03 types. Many large-scale businesses use it in the United Kingdom as it has no geographic identity. These numbers are assigned by the UK government’s approved regulatory and authority for the telecommunications, broadcasting, and postal industries in the UK, i.e., Office of Communications (Ofcom) as an alternative to 087 and 084 prefixes. Though these numbers are used as an alternative to the expensive 087 and 084 prefixes, the rules applying to them differ from the expensive 08 prefixes.

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Check to see if 0203 numbers are free on EE mobile contracts

Are 0345 numbers included in EE mobile plans

Are “01” and “02” numbers free on your EE mobile plan? If yes, then be sure that “03” numbers are also free since Office of Communications rules applying to 03 numbers are the same as those of other geographical landlines. These numbers are charged at a geographic rate and are included in the call allowance on your mobile plan. This rule makes it much better for customers to call these numbers instead of the highly charged 08 numbers. A lot of organizations are replacing 08 numbers for 03 prefixes now.

However, keep in mind that 0345 numbers are free to call on EE’s package plans only and are not a free-phone prefix. Unlike free-phone prefixes, i.e., 0800 and 0808, 0345 numbers are charged a standard landline rate if you do not have a plan with free minutes.