voicemail calls to this number are barred on EE 

With over 700 outlets in the UK, BT Group’s owned EE has become the largest mobile network operator in the country. Formerly called “Everything Everything” the BT group acquired it in 2015. The mobile network operator’s 3G and 4G services are available in almost 99% of the UK, while its 5G is the fastest expanding one right now. Apart from the mobile web, the company also provides Mobile Payment service, Smart Number Technology, HD voice calling, Broadband, Television, and Wi-Fi calling.

When using your mobile phone you may find that voicemail calls to this number are barred with your EE network, no problem heres a guide to help you with this issue

voicemail calls to this number are barred on EE 

voicemail calls to this number are barred on EE

What is voicemail and call barring?

If you do not take someone’s call, almost all networks in the UK allow your callers to leave a voice message. The company’s server stores these messages for you, so you can listen to them later. Voicemails can be accessed by using a conventional ‘call on the company’s voicemail number’ approach or a voicemail app method called visual. Networks not only provide visual voicemail but also call barring services to manage communications better.

Do not want to be disturbed on your work phone on your day off? Do not want the costly roaming charges on every call you pick up?

Call barring is the most efficient way to deal with such situations as the service blocks the kind of calls you want to block, but sometimes this service can cause random issues. Let us take a look at moments when it messes with the voicemail functionality.

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Why are calls to my voice mail barred on EE?

Issues with voicemail show up time and again. If you call your voicemail number and hear that the number has been barred or someone else calls you and they get the message that your number has been blocked, follow the guide ahead.

This message can mean two things, either the network provider has barred your number, or it is registered as stolen, lost, or unused for a long time. This situation, as we have seen, overtime can happen due to a network end issue, your system issue, or sometimes some mistakenly deactivated voicemail.

How to fix voicemail calls to this number are barred on EE 

The first thing you want to do is check if you can make other general calls, and the issue is with voicemail only. If your other calls connect, try to reactivate voicemail by sending “VM ON” to “150”. Furthermore, you can try calling “222” to access your voicemail or call EE’s Mobile Care team on “07953 966 250” and see if the error still appears.

Next, try checking for system updates as well as resetting and updating network settings. Moreover, try restarting your phone and removing and reinserting your sim card. Try turning call barring on and off from your sim. Other than that, you can look at our guide for when voicemail numbers are not recognised on EE, here.

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If this guide does not help you resolve the issue, then contact EE’s Mobile Care team.